Streamio API Documentation


Streamio was built from the ground up with developers in mind so we hope you enjoy using our API. We like to keep things simple so in short you'll be using a RESTful API using Basic Auth for authentication.

The documentation is split into different pages for each action that can be performed on each of the availible resources so finding what you need should be a breeze.


The api supports both the http and https protocols but we strongly recommend using https in your urls to secure your api password from network sniffing.


The API return responses as JSON by default. We may also support XML in the future.

Character Encoding

The API expects you to send all data encoded as unicode (UTF-8). This includes the header for basic authentication as usernames may include unicode characters.

Try the API with Curl

We highly recommend learning the api by playing around with curl. Curl is a command line tool which lets you send http requests and see the response you get back very easily. If you're using Mac OS or Linux you probably have it installed already.

You will notice that we provide curl examples for all the actions availible in the api.

If you feel uncomfortable using a command line you can also easily try some of the actions directly in your browser.