Streamio API Documentation

Videos - Create

Create a video on your account with the specified parameters. Don't forget to specify POST as the request method as GET will call the list action rather than create.



Request Method



  • file The video file you want to upload. This is the only required parameter.
  • title The title of the video. If you don't specify this the filename of the file parameter will be used.
  • tags The tags you wish to set for the video. Multiple tags are separated by comma.
  • description A textual description of the video.
  • internal_notes Internal notes related to the video.
  • image_id The id of an image in your account you wish to use for the video.
  • default_subtitle_id The id of the subtitle that should be activated by default.
  • enable_password_protection Enable password protection on the video clip
  • password Manually override the automatically generated password
  • encoding_profile_ids The ids of the encoding profiles you wish to use to create the initial transcodings. Multiple ids are separated by comma.
  • encoding_profile_tags If you have categorized your encoding profiles with tags you can specify which tag groups to use to create the initial transcodings. Multiple tags are separated by comma.
  • skip_default_encoding_profiles Set this value to true (default is false) if you don't wish to use the default encoding profiles set up in your account to create the initial transcodings.
  • use_original_as_transcoding Set this value to true (default is false) if you wish to use the uploaded file as a transcoding (make sure the file is compatible with flash player before uploading).
  • automatic_encoding Set this value to true (default is false) if you wish to let streamio chose the optimal encodings for the uploaded video, similar to how the GUI based upload works. Note that setting this to true will override any profiles given through encoding_profile_ids, encoding_profile_tags and default encoding profiles.
  • ignore_transcoding_errors Set this value to true or false to override account settings
  • cut_start Time (in seconds) to where transcodings start in relation to the original movie
  • cut_duration Time (in seconds) of duration of transcodings






A simple create

Simplest case scenario is to just post with the file parameter set to a video file on your hard drive.

curl -u username:password \
     -F file=@path/to/ \

Create with custom encoding profiles

By default Streamio will use the encoding profiles specified in your account settings to create the initial transcodings when the video is created. If you want to override this behaviour you can use the encoding_profile_ids, encoding_profile_tags and/or skip_default_encoding_profiles parameters.

curl -u username:password \
     -F file=@path/to/ \
     -F skip_default_encoding_profiles=true \
     -F encoding_profile_ids=4c3c5e11bf4b9808ea000003,4c3c6f1cbf4b9808ea000006 \
     -F encoding_profile_tags=low,high \

Create with a manually encoded flash video file

If you prefer to code your own video you can skip regular encoding on the video and tell Streamio to use the uploaded file as a transcoding using skip_default_encoding_profiles in combination with use_original_as_transcoding.

curl -u username:password \
     -F file=@path/to/flash_video.mp4 \
     -F skip_default_encoding_profiles=true \
     -F use_original_as_transcoding=true \