Streamio API Documentation

Error Handling

The Streamio API uses appropriate http status codes to tell you if a request was successful or not. If your request failed it will have a status code in the 400 or 500 range. Here is a reference of the details for your convenience.

Code Description
400 Bad Request Returned if your request contains syntax errors or invalid character encoding.
401 Unauthorized Returned if basic authentication failed.
403 Forbidden Returned if your request was refused.
404 Not Found Returned if the resource you're trying to reach doesn't exist.
406 Not Acceptable Returned if you are requesting an unsupported format in your Accept header.
414 Request Too Large Returned if you are uploading files bigger than our agreed limit.
422 Unprocessable Returned if you sent invalid parameters or missed a required one.
500 Internal Server Error Something is broken. If you suspect a bug please get in contact with our technical support.
502 Bad Gateway Streamio is down or being upgraded.