Streamio API Documentation

Encoding Profile - Update

Update a encoding profile on your account with the specified parameters. Don't forget to specify PUT as the request method as GET will call the show action rather than update.



Request Method



  • title The title of the encoding profile.
  • tags The tags you wish to set for the encoding profile. Multiple tags are separated by comma.
  • width Desired width of the encoded video in pixels. Note that height will be determined automatically based on the aspect ratio of the video being encoded.
  • desired_video_bitrate The bitrate you wish to use for the video stream in kilobits. Note that some sensible variable bitrate will be added to this value meaning this is not a constant value.
  • frame_rate Number of frames per second. If none is specified encoding will be done at the same frame rate as the uploaded video.
  • audio_bitrate Bitrate of the audio stream in kilobits. Valid values are 16, 32, 64, 80, 96, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 288 and 320. Default is 128.
  • audio_sample_rate The sample rate for the audio stream. Valid values are 11025, 16000, 22050, 44100 and 48000. Default is 44100.
  • audio_channels Number of audio channels. 1 for mono, 2 for stereo. Default is 2.





A simple update

Just remember to PUT and you'll be fine.

curl -u username:password \
     -X PUT \
     -d "title=InStereo&tags=new,and,in_stereo&audio_channels=2" \